Intro Pack - July 2021

Ahoy! This assortment is meant to take you around the globe, along the water column, and remind you just how wild our oceans really are. We’ll explore some traditional style conservas in addition to some new wave, western hemisphere goodness. There was a great deal of intention in working with producers that sustainably source some of the world’s highest quality ingredients. Enjoy!

Güeyu Mar Chargrilled Sardine Loins in Escabeche
Asturias, Spain

Güeyu Mar, located in Playa de la Vega, Asturias, does things differently. Widely known as one of the world’s most heavenly seafood restaurants, isolated and overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, the team has expanded its reach by canning seafood—and they’ve finally made it to the U.S.

Just like in the restaurant, there is no compromise when it comes to the integrity of the ingredients. Chef Abel Álvarez has even managed to capture one of their key ingredients in the tins: fire.

Unlikely most canneries, Güeyu Mar doesn’t smoke or steam their products, but rather they grill them over a live oak wood flame before preserving. The result is undeniably decadent and unique. While the emersion in escabeche may hide the grill marks along the perfectly packed sardine loins and even the distinct campfire fragrance, it offers a beautiful tenderizing effect. Don't waste any of that sauce!

Canned in the Arbequina de Castillo de Canena brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil, alongside apple cider vinegar, and aromatic spices.

Serving recommendations: Keep this one simple. We recommend grabbing a nice crusty loaf of sourdough bread, some high quality cultured butter, and creating perfect bite-sized snacks...and yes, mop up that sauce.

Beverage pairing: 
dry white wine (alvarinho would be nice), lager, sparkling wine, seltzer water


Matiz Wild Spicy Sardines
Galicia, Spain

Galicia is most well known for its harvest of mussels, but it's also the perfect environment for sardine fishing! 

Matiz, pronounced Ma-Teeth, harvests and packs it products in the most traditional of methods. Preserved in piri piri peppers and olive oil, the spice will by no means blow your face off—instead it's there to tenderize the sardines and provide a pop of flavor.

What they have achieved with this product is pretty amazing—large, sturdy sardines and are delicate when sinking your teeth (tiz?) into.

Serving recommendations: a simple pairing with crusty bread will do, but why not a sandwich? Grab a French baguette, slice it vertically, smear some mayo on the top half, and the sardines, drizzle the oil, and add a blend of pickled vegetables and herbs. We like pickled carrots & onion with cilantro for a play on the banh mi, but any pickled veggies will do—you just want to cut some of that fat with acidity!

Beverage pairing: ice cold lager or seltzer


Scout PEI Mussels in Smoked Paprika & Fennel Tomato Sauce
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Let’s send it up to Canada! 

Prince Edward Island has a long history of harvesting mussels and this tin certainly pays homage to just that. With a Mediterranean-Canadian fusion of a flavor profile, these mussels coated in the warm, smokey, flavorful sauce gives this tin the ability to really lead a dish on its own—it has a nice little bite of spice too.

Serving recommendations: slice a baguette and top with some crème fraîche or cream cheese, a couple of mussels, and some of that sauce. These mussels also do very well heated up!

We also topped a pizza with these last night, and it was very good! If doing that, drain the sauce and mix with whatever pizza sauce you decide to use, and then add the mussels after the pizza comes out of the oven.

Beverage pairing: lager, Belgian-style beer, pinot noir, gamay, cava