We've been exploring caves, seeking to unravel the depths of our own essence for quite a while now. The traces left by those who dwelled within offer just enough to quench our curiosity, though it never truly satisfies our hunger for knowledge.

Who were these individuals? What compelled their presence in these subterranean realms? What sustenance nourished them?

The objective has remained unswerving. Isn't our shared pursuit fundamentally centered on seeking moments of leisure?

Established in 2020, Cueva Nueva emerged as a conduit, linking the refined excellence of tinned fish from diverse corners of the globe to the sanctuaries of individuals' abodes. Tinned fish, amari, vermouth, cheese. chocolate – they echo profound culinary traditions intertwined with ceremony and heritage. Trends circle back in a recurring rhythm. Coolness is cyclical. 

New caves are old caves that haven’t been visited in a while.

Cueva Nueva is poised to reemerge, bearing epicurean treasures. Presently, the expedition entails an odyssey through caves across the Iberian Peninsula. In the meantime, check out the merch store. Food is identity, don’t forget it.