Intro Pack - May 2021

Ahoy! This assortment is meant to take you around the globe, along the water column, and remind you just how wild our oceans really are. We’ll explore some traditional style conservas in addition to some new wave, western hemisphere goodness. There was a great deal of intention in working with producers that sustainably source some of the world’s highest quality ingredients. Enjoy!

Güeyu Mar Calamares de Otro Planeta (Squid from Another Planet)
Asturias, Spain

If you’ve never experienced the gothic goodness that is squid in its own ink, well, welcome! Oh, and sorry for ruining every other variation of it that comes your way.

Güeyu Mar, located in Playa de la Vega, Asturias, does things differently. Widely known as one of the world’s most heavenly seafood restaurants, isolated and overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, the team has expanded its reach by canning seafood—and they’ve finally made it to the U.S.

Just like in the restaurant, there is no compromise when it comes to the integrity of the ingredients. Chef Abel Álvarez has even managed to capture one of their key ingredients in the tins: fire.

Unlikely most canneries, Güeyu Mar doesn’t smoke or steam their products, but rather they grill them over a live oak wood flame before preserving. The result is undeniably decadent and unique. You immediately recognize that the incredibly tender tentacles have taken on the flavor of a campfire at sea—and that’s exactly what it is.

Serving recommendations: What’s unique about these tins is that there is no oil or brine—just squid ink and a bit of fish stock. To best appreciate the product, we recommend grabbing a loaf of your favorite crusty bread and something briny, like capers in vinegar or pickled onions (a squeeze of lemon will even do). 
Dredge a small piece of bread in the ink, add a tentacle and a caper, and transport yourself to the smokey, salty air of Spain’s rugged Northwestern coastline. Make sure to soak up all that remaining ink. Heat it up if ya must!

Beverage pairing: cold glass of sweet vermouth, lager, sparkling wine


Les Mouettes d'Arvor Sardines w/ Butter & Sea Salt from Guerande
Concarneau, France

To no surprise, the French have a uniquely sophisticated tinned-sardine culture—it’s not uncommon to collect vintages and age them in the tins for up to 50 years!  

These aren’t necessarily your aging sardines, because unlike their counterparts that are preserved in olive oil, these are preserved in fancy French butter. This is just good old-school indulgence.

Serving recommendations: Fry them in a pan on low until the butter begins to melt and bubble. Once the sardines are nice and warm, top a baguette with the fish and all of that buttery goodness. Chop up some parsley or something green if you want to go all in.

Beverage pairing: Chardonnay, Belgian beer, dry cider


Espinaler Scallops in Galician Sauce
Galicia, Spain

A traditional Galician product that you don’t find much in the Western Hemisphere, tinned scallops are a beautiful thing to enjoy on their own or incorporated into a pasta or rice dish. Espinaler is one of the oldest conservas producers in Spain and is highly regarded for their high quality and traditional preparations.

Serving recommendations: toast up a baguette and serve atop. The sweetness of the Galician sauce also makes for a great addition to any charcuterie board.

Beverage pairing: lambrusco, really any red wine